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Printing and repots for the Java[TM] platform and .NET
Java[TM] platform, .NET and PHP component for piecharts, barcharts, radarcharts, linecharts... 
RTree & RMenu 
and Designer
Navigation applet for web sites
1D & 2D barcodes for the Java[TM] platform & web sites (also .NET, Delphi, ActiveX and PHP)
Send faxes from the Java[TM] platform and .NET
Send and receive emails

Send SMS message from the Java[TM] platform

Faq's. For technical support and ordering questions.   Contact us if you have any question.

How much does it cost one hour of your Java[TM] platform or .NET programming? 50$, 100$ , 150$ ...? In this site you will find components that will save days of your time. The prices range from 10$ to 40$! 

Why do you want to re-develop existing components? 

those here are:
  • ready to use
  • cheaper
  • as flexible as you like since the source is always available.

SAP, Bank of America,ORACLE, British Airways, Telefónica, Compaq, Texas Instruments, EDS, BOSS International, Bancoval, FedEx Services, Sodke & Associates, Australis Technologies, CARTAIX S.A, Just Linux, Origen Technology Limited, Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, CIO Capital Management..... 

Companies and private persons in all 5 continents are already using our components. These are some comment of our customers:

Thanks for the applet. It's really good. I spent ALL of yesterday looking for scripts and they all suck. Your's is really nice. Thanks.

Very good job for very simple yet superb products....keep on the good work!
Ahmad Eid Elhaddad (XXX@uaeu.ac.ae)

I'm charmed of your quick answers and the good looking applet. Keep up the fantastic work.

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    Would you like to see a new feature one of our components?
    Are you looking a Java[TM] component but you cannot find it?

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last update: February 2004

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The easy way of sharing files on a web server is WebbyFiles, as it features a complete but simple permissions system for groups of users, independent of the operating system users and permissions.